The Office Season 8 Extended

What are Extended Episodes?
Extended Episodes are original episodes but with deleted scenes added in. This makes every episode longer. This wouldn't be possible without the amazing @TheOfficeExtend who created every single episode. He put a lot of time into making them and hopefully you'll enjoy them as much as we do. To show your appreciation you can follow his twitter and facebook page above.

EP 1

Season 8

The List

The staff is hit with a double whammy as Scranton gets a new regional manager and Robert California takes the helm of Dunder Mifflin Sabre as CEO.

Episode 1

Air Date 22nd September 2011

EP 2

Season 8

The Incentive

Robert California wants to double sales growth, and Andy responds with an unusual incentive plan to motivate the team.

Episode 2

Air Date 29th September 2011

EP 3

Season 8


When the warehouse crew quits after winning the lotto, the team pitches in to keep Dunder Mifflin humming.

Episode 3

Air Date 6th October 2011

EP 4

Season 8

Garden Party

Trying to gain some respect from his family and new boss, Andy throws a garden party at Schrute Farms.

Episode 4

Air Date 13th October 2011

EP 5

Season 8


Erin struggles to pull off the ultimate Halloween party, juggling the expectations of Robert California, Andy and the staff.

Episode 5

Air Date 27th October 2011

EP 6

Season 8


Challenged to improve productivity and reduce errors by Robert California, Dwight develops an accountability booster program that threatens the office.

Episode 6

Air Date 3rd November 2011

EP 8

Season 8


Andy tries to fire up the team with a trip to Gettysburg; Robert California challenges the team to think way outside the box.

Episode 8

Air Date 17th November 2011

EP 9

Season 8

Mrs. California

Andy's in a tough spot when Robert California sends him mixed messages about hiring his wife.

Episode 9

Air Date 1st December 2011

EP 10

Season 8

Christmas Wishes

Andy wants to make everyone's Christmas wishes come true - no matter how distraught they are.

Episode 10

Air Date 8th December 2011

EP 11

Season 8


Pressed to boost the bottom line, Andy finds a novel way to improve sales, while Dwight explores corporate opportunities outside Scranton.

Episode 11

Air Date 12th January 2012

EP 12

Season 8

Pool Party

Robert invites the staff to his house for one last party before the home goes up for sale.

Episode 12

Air Date 19th January 2012

EP 13

Season 8

Jury Duty

Jim comes under fire when the office realizes he skipped work by faking jury duty to spend time with Pam and the new baby.

Episode 13

Air Date 2nd February 2012

EP 14

Season 8

Special Project

Dwight is recruited to lead a team to head to Florida to create a chain of Sabre retail stores.

Episode 14

Air Date 9th February 2012

EP 15

Season 8


Dwight takes his team to Tallahassee to conceive a new chain of Sabre retail stores.

Episode 15

Air Date 16th February 2012

EP 16

Season 8

After Hours

Nellie pits Packer against Dwight for the VP job; Jim fends off an amorous intruder while Andy works the Scranton team overtime.

Episode 16

Air Date 23rd February 2012

EP 17

Season 8

Test the Store

Dwight plans an impressive presentation for the Sabre store. Andy suffers an embarrassing injury.

Episode 17

Air Date 1st March 2012

EP 18

Season 8

Last Day in Florida

Jim tries to head off a career disaster for Dwight; Andy learns Erin's not returning to Scranton.

Episode 18

Air Date 8th February 2012

EP 19

Season 8

Get the Girl

As Andy heads south to Florida to sweep Erin off her feet, Nellie makes herself at home in his office in Scranton.

Episode 19

Air Date 15th February 2012

EP 20

Season 8

Welcome Party

As Erin and Andy plot how he should break up with Jessica, Robert California orders the office to throw a welcome party for Nellie.

Episode 20

Air Date 12th April 2012

EP 21

Season 8

Angry Andy

Andy's job - and manhood - are called into question as he returns with Erin to Scranton.

Episode 21

Air Date 19th April 2012

EP 22

Season 8


Unemployed Andy crashes a fundraiser for the Senator - and ends up the unlikely owner of a dozen disabled dogs.

Episode 22

Air Date 26th April 2012

EP 23

Season 8

Turf War

A drunken Robert California closes a branch, igniting a sales war.

Episode 23

Air Date 5th March 2012

EP 24

Season 8

Free Family Portrait Studio

Dwight raises suspicions by offering free portraits; Andy returns with some self-satisfying news.

Episode 24

Air Date 10th May 2012