Season 4

EP 1 + 2

Season 4

Fun Run

Michael accidentally runs over Meridith in the parking lot, and his guilt causes him to organize a 5-K run for her.

Episode 1 + 2

Air Date 27th September 2007

EP 3 + 4

Season 4

Dunder Mifflin Infinity

Michael feels threatened when Ryan returns to the Scranton office to share his ideas about the future of Dunder Mifflin.

Episode 3 + 4

Air Date 4th October 2007

EP 5 + 6

Season 4

Launch Party

The Dunder Mifflin Infinity website is launching and Michael is excited about going to the big launch party in New York.

Episode 5 + 6

Air Date 11th October 2007

EP 7 + 8

Season 4


As Jan renovates the condo, Michael confronts his growing debt every way he can, which includes pressuring his employees for a loan.

Episode 7 + 8

Air Date 18th October 2007

EP 9

Season 4

Local Ad

Michael tries to make a local Dunder Mifflin commercial that is better than the one the professional ad agency made for them.

Episode 9

Air Date 25th October 2007

EP 10

Season 4

Branch Wars

Michael and Dwight try to play a prank on Karen, who is now manager of the Utica branch, after she tries to steal Stanley from the Scranton office.

Episode 10

AAir Date 1st November 2007

EP 11

Season 4

Survivor Man

After Michael isn't invited to a camping trip with Ryan, he sets out to prove that he can brave it out in the wilderness by himself.

Episode 11

Air Date 8th November 2007

EP 12

Season 4


Michael is put in an awkward position when Jan sues Dunder-Mifflin for wrongful termination and he is deposed as a witness.

Episode 12

Air Date 15th November 2007

EP 13

Season 4

Dinner Party

Michael invites Jim, Pam, Andy and Angela to a couples-only dinner party, which makes Dwight very jealous.

Episode 13

Air Date 10th April 2008

EP 14

Season 4

Chair Model

Kevin and Andy team up to reclaim the stolen Dunder-Mifflin parking spaces, which forces them into a showdown with the other five bosses.

Episode 14

Air Date 17th April 2008

EP 15

Season 4

Night Out

Michael and Dwight go to New York to party with Ryan, who is having lots of personal and professional problems.

Episode 15

Air Date 24th April 2008

EP 16

Season 4

Did I Stutter?

Michael tries to figure out how to respond to Stanley's insubordination during a meeting.

Episode 16

Air Date 1st May 2008

EP 17

Season 4

Job Fair

Dunder-Mifflin participates in a high school job fair, but few students are interested. Jim, Andy, and Kevin play a round of golf with a prospective client.

Episode 17

Air Date 8th May 2008

EP 18 + 19

Season 4

Goodbye Toby

Michael throws an extravagant going-away party for Toby, and falls in love with the woman who is replacing him.

Episode 18 + 19

Air Date 15th May 2008